America's Special Kidz (A.S.K.)

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About Us

America’s Special Kidz A.S.K understands the importance of healthy families. With a large population of families with special kids—especially single parents—we want to do our part to help serve these struggling families.   

·      It is our mission to be the child’s advocate.   

·      A.S. K. is committed to helping each child receive the highest quality of care. We feature topics on education, medical care, therapeutic services, financial planning, rehabilitation resources and long-term living.

·      We know the importance of taking care of “the child’s care taker.” For this reason we want to be “the parent’s” personal connection to other families and resources that will help him/her remain strong and encouraged.  

·      We understand that by providing special children with the resources they need in their formative years, we are helping to ensure each child has a bright future. In partnership with parents and the professional community, we are committed to continually developing creative solutions to address challenges along the way.  

·      We strive to build awareness in the education, business and medical communities. By developing strategic alliances and hosting speaking engagements and workshops, we strive to support the efforts in these communities, eliminate negative stereotypes, promote greater understanding and encourage inclusion in all areas of society.  

·      We are also committed to our own continuing education. This commitment ensures that we are offering you the latest information available.