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About Us

We are a Pak-based not-for-profit NGO, mainly aiming to poverty reduction and human development through jobs oriented technical education and vocational training to the disadvantaged settlements, especially the deprived women, while emphasizing on their real, meaningful and effective participation in the socio-economic uplift activities. The program provides for provision of consequential relief to the hard hit community in terms of provision of cheaper services and comforts at grassroots level, besides creation of jobs / self employment.

The program was conceived by a body of some fifty patriotic senior educationists and highly experienced engineers, and motivated industrial management professionals (in service and retired), besides many other members from different walks of life, all sincerely committed and determined to the furtherance of this noble cause. Executive Body of the PHRDO consists of seven members to voluntarily manage its affairs. Management Advisory Council MAC has been constituted comprising the senior executives/educationists of high profile with excellent training and professional skills to advice and help the PHRDO in the execution of its noble objectives.

Consideration behind the idea was to share human development objectives of our country which unfortunately, it has not been able to achieve due to resource constraints, while our Govt, under the compelling circumstances, is forced to spend maximum portion of its total annual budget on its defense, repayments of loans and other non-development activities (65%+15%+10% approx), and only 10% is left for its development activities, including human development through education and training. A genuine human desire for self-development remains un-addressed if our people may not be able to access helping hands only due to the above reason.

Keeping in view the above hardship of our people, a technical education and vocational training institute in the name of Jinnah Endeavors Institute of Technology JEIT under the PHRDO was established in 1998 to share human development in our country voluntarily, on the following address:


Funds of the NGO are generated through receiving donations, and a significant source of income is fee receipts from the students admitted on self-finance bases, which income we spend on free education and training to the targeted poor people. We are registered with the Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority TEVTA, Industries Department, Govt of Punjab and affiliated with the Punjab Board of Technical Education Lahore.

We are in search of funding for our following projects.


Up-gradation and reinforcement of facilities in our existing Technical Labs, Wood Works and Metal Shops, Electrical, Electronics and IT Labs, replacement of old furniture etc.


Presently the Institute is running its affairs in a rented building taken on 10 years long lease which is insufficient to accommodate its multiple future HRD projects. It is, therefore, very genuinely desired by the PHRDO to have its own building to accommodate its multiple future HRD projects.

Therefore, it would be in the best interest of human welfare and natural justice if some esteemed organization may support our noble endeavors and/or help us identify the organizations supporting such activities.

Karim Nawaz President PHRDO, Contact on: H.No. B-8, Housing Colony Iskanderabad Ph 0092-459-392856, Fax 0092-459-392715 Email: