Fountain of Development Research and Action(FODRA)

About Us

FODRA was established in 1994 as a not-for-profit development support organisation to help and collaborate with NGOs, development agencies and donors in the grassroots level capacity building for sustainable project planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating development.

FODRA is an ideologically, politically and religiously independent non-governmental organisation committed to promoting and undertaking actions for sustainable development among people living in poverty. It is registered under Indian Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 and is also notified under section 12A and 80G of income tax concession and tax rebate purposes. It is also registered under FCRA Act with Home Ministry to receive foreign contribution for its development initiatives.

In early 1998, FODRA started its pilot programme intervention in one cluster among the people living in sub standard housing and sanitation conditions with little access to basic amenities in northeast Delhi. Gradually, FODRA has expanded its programme coverage to eight adjoining clusters by 2001 with an approximate 12,000 households and having a strategy of working directly with 2,000 households under different programme interventions.


FODRA is committed to support and undertake all possible actions to bolster the capabilities of its target beneficiaries and involve them in their own development process to see - :

"A vibrant, resilient and self sustaining neighbourhood where individuals, families and communities can prosper, with opportunities for better living standards" ---- FODRA's Vision Statement


FODRA is committed -:

"To create the conditions to foster and strengthen participatory development of the underprivileged" living in sub-standard living conditions by all appropriate means without any religious prejudices. ---- FODRA's Mission Statement

It is said when you dream, dream big. Hence, FODRA's development goals also are big but very realistic.

- To build a self dependant and self reliant community; - To create a healthy hygienic environment for the community; - To create a literate, educated community with improved awareness and decision making capabilities; - To strengthen the community through socioeconomic empowerment of women; - To foster and strengthen individuals/community groups to participate in local self governance; - To establish a Micro Finance Institution (MFI) among the poor women and men; and - To undertake need based actions for social security of the aged, adult, youth and children.