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About Us

Antigóna designs and implements activities of social solidarity, cooperation projects for development and humanitarian aid operations. In doing this, it maximizes the initiative, the actions, the energy and the expressions of volunteering of both individuals and civil society. The aim is to strengthen the skills of the final beneficiaries of the projects implemented, to ensure the sustainability of the projects in the long period.

Through partnership agreements, Antigóna uses its resources and expertise in providing services to other organizations involved in the social sector, in order to contribute to the realization of their social, development and humanitarian projects directed to disadvantaged people.

Antigóna interacts and establishes agreements with other social sector organizations, with a view to create networks for a better development and execution of social, development and humanitarian projects.

Antigóna promotes the acquisition of skills and practical experience, the human maturity and the occupational employment of young persons motivated to develop social solidarity activities and international cooperation for development.

Antigóna is involved in the organization of events, activities and products useful for the development, the funding and the visibility of their own and others' experiences in the field of social solidarity and international cooperation for development.