PANGEA - Partners for Euro-African Green Energy


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About Us

Partners for Euro-African Green Energy, or PANGEA, links together North and South in a new way. PANGEA works to encourage biofuel production in Africa as a way to promote sustainable economic development using what Africa does best—agriculture. By adding the technology of Brazil, India and others to the mix, agriculture becomes something that Europe needs—sustainably produced biofuels.

Gathering together industry experts on biofuels, agriculture, trade, markets and development, PANGEA works closely with the European Commission institutions responsible for biofuels—eight in total—as well as the European Parliament, NGOs, African embassies, development agencies and EU member states to ensure a continued market for African biofuels.

But PANGEA isn’t just focused on Europe, it’s looking at Africa too. Through its regional workshops, PANGEA is able to bring the Brussels policy corridor to the ground in Africa as well as encourage more entrepreneurs to become involved in the growing biofuels industry across the continent.

The EU market is open, ready, and waiting.

And Africa is ready to join.