La Casa de la Herencia Cultural Puertorriqueño, Inc.

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1230 Fifth Avenue, Suite 458
N ew York City
United States

About Us

The Puerto Rican Cultural Heritage House, or ’La Casa’, is a non-profit, community based, cultural institution founded in 1980 by the late New York State Assemblyman, Luis Nine, Representative of the Bronx. Mr. Nine’s work came as Puerto Ricans on the mainland were demonstrating a profound interest and concern for their heritage and renewed awareness in the importance and significance of their values, symbols, folklore, traditions and customs.

The purpose of this institution is to promote, enrich, disseminate and preserve our cultural legacy, to enhance national pride and identity, primarily for the benefit of future generations.

This is achieved through the continued development of its Puerto Rican Heritage Library, its Archival collection, workshops and classes, conferences, lectures, cultural programs and activities.

La Casa has also served as a clearinghouse for a great number of social, cultural, and educational Puerto Rican and Hispanic organizations, institutions and agencies in New York and Puerto Rico, as well as been a starting point for many others.