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About Us

Acid Survivors Trust International (ASTI) is the only organisation whose sole purpose is to work towards the end of acid violence across the world. Recognising the need for local knowledge and expertise in order to combat acid violence effectively, ASTI founded and continues to support the development of six partner organisations in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Pakistan, Nepal, Uganda and India. It also works with UN agencies, NGOs and strategic partners from across the world to increase awareness of acid violence and develop effective responses at the national and international level.

We have a committed team of expert volunteers who are working to ensure that effective resources are available to support survivors on their journey and that the human rights and dignity of survivors are upheld.

Acid Survivor Foundations:

Acid Survivors Foundation Bangladesh

Cambodian Acid Survivors Charity

Acid Survivors Foundation Pakistan

Acid Survivors Foundation Uganda

Burns Violence Survivors Nepal

Acid Survivors Foundation India