The Triple Helix, Inc.


United States

About Us

The Triple Helix, Inc. is an international non-profit organization (IRS 501c3) with 27 chapters involving over 800 students from the world’s most prestigious universities. Together these students form some of the world’s future leaders in science, business, and law. As a young but innovative leader in undergraduate journalism, The Triple Helix aims to produce one of the highest quality undergraduate publications in the next several years and to showcase the undergraduate voices of hundreds of students on some of the most pressing modern issues in science. As an unprecedented student-run forum for discussion and interdisciplinary thought, The Triple Helix unites students from all over the world with a diversity of intellectual interests and backgrounds. Through the fulfillment of our mission, The Triple Helix offers a unique, challenging, and exciting educational experience for all its staff and significantly contributes to the communities we are a part of.