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About Us

As we all know and remember, the teen years are filled with challenges of self-identity, body-image, confidence, and confusion about the future. Teenagers are navigating the (sometimes turbulent) waters leading from childhood to adulthood, and for most that time can be difficult with no other external stressors present.

Teenagers suffering from traumatic experiences can have an especially difficult time reintegrating into society. In effect, the combination of normal teenage stressors plus the impact of chronic illness, abuse, or neglect on self-esteem can make the normal transition to adulthood either difficult, delayed, or impossible.

Wish Upon a Teen aims to make a difference in the lives of these challenged teens one life at a time. Our mission is to provide resources, time, and opportunities to teenagers recovering from life-altering traumatic experiences. Through creative and interactive social and educational events, these teens will rediscover and rebuild their self-esteem and continue the healing process towards healthy reintegration into society. We will identify teens in need, and match these individuals with young professionals willing to make a continuing personal difference. We will help these volunteers find innovative ways to get personally involved with a cause that inspires them, thereby creating an intimate, exciting and individual experience that benefits both the teen and the volunteer.