San Diego All-Stars Basketball Association

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2821 La Nevasca Ln
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About Us

San Diego All-Stars Basketball Association (SDA) ( has operated as an unincorporated association from 2001 to present and is currently preparing documents for incorporation as a non-profit public benefit corporation. SDA provides training, coaching and guidance in competitive amateur basketball to young men residing on the west coast, primarily in San Diego County. SDA organizes teams for male student-athletes ages 14 to 19, provides skills training and practice sessions, and arranges for the participation of SDA teams in highly competitive state and national showcases and tournaments. Wherever appropriate, we help our players secure college athletic scholarships. Above all, we endeavor to promote and develop leadership characteristics such as integrity, honesty, team work, discipline, hard work, and commitment, and we hope to prepare our young men for life’s opportunities and challenges, both on and off the court.