EcoArt Project

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325 W 45th Street
Suite 312
New York

United States

About Us

EcoArt Project is a creative think-tank for a healthier planet. 

Providing a vision of environmental protection and sustainable development, via emotionally impactful art, design, architecture, and the work of creative minds.
With the purpose of fostering a cultural impact in the green world economy, we leverage the universal language of arts to intensify awareness, engage and bring people together.

We develop artistic projects and creative campaigns that bring out the magical synergy between art, culture, education, progress and sustainability.

Our ambition is to build the largest global network of artists and collective of creative minds whose expressions carry messages related to our planet’s safeguard.
EcoArt Project provides a creative platform to highlight these messages through diverse and innovative channels. 

We are currently designing an exciting program for: educational activities, workshops, juried art competitions, public art interventions, community and beautification projects, exhibitions, art residencies, publications, shows and powerful social media campaigns.