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About Us

About Us

Somerville Mental Health Association (SMHA) is a private, non-profit, community-based agency with a distinguished history of providing mental health and substance abuse services for people who live or work in Somerville and its neighboring communities since 1964.

We give priority to low-income and underserved people, many of whom are at risk of not being able to live safely in the community.

Our mission is to promote each person’s well-being and ability to live in the community.

Our approach is to provide high quality, cost-effective care through comprehensive, highly-integrated, community-based services.

Our programs fall into two categories:

Health & Wellness Promotion Prevention of serious behavioral problems Treatment & Community Support for individuals and families with serious problems. Our staff members approach the individuals who use our services as partners, understanding that we depend on each other in order to identify and build upon our particular strengths and effectively manage the challenges we face.

Our health promotion services are staffed by 15 direct-care providers, 11 of whom are bi-lingual. Prevention services are staffed by 11 direct-care providers, 3 of whom are bi-lingual. Our clinical services are provided by teams of direct-care providers, including 3 who are bi-lingual and consist of:

41 psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, counselors, nurses, and occupational therapists 9 paraprofessionals, who provide case management, community outreach, rehabilitative support, and group support Under the supervision of our licensed clinicians, a dozen trainees consisting of psychiatric residents and social work and psychology interns, also provide direct services

All 0ur direct service providers are supported by management services from 22 staff in areas from MIS, accounting, and billing to human resources, clerical, and maintenance. 4 of these staff are bi-lingual.

Our work takes place in five agency sites that we operate across the City, and in a wide variety of community settings, including:

All public schools Head Start programs Childcare centers Homes Neighborhood health clinics Residential programs Drop-in centers Homeless shelters Courts Public housing developments