Gabay sa Paghilom Foundation Inc.

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About Us

OUR MISSION is to provide psycho-spiritual formation that will lead to self-awareness, direction, change and healing through pastoral programs and counseling that respond to the needs of families, couples and individuals following the distinctive principles of Psychogenetics and Gestalt Therapy. OUR GOALS: 1.To offer a safe, confidential and professional counseling environment for hurting and struggling individuals, couples and families, 2. To assist clients in improving relationship with themselves and with others using Psychogenetics, Gestalt Therapy and similar innovative approaches, and 3. To facilitate networking for mutual support and wider learning through outreach, advocacy and training programs. VISION: A compassionate community committed to journeying with families, couples and individuals in need of healing that they may achieve self-awareness and empowerment to improve their relationships and be able to serve others. OUR SERVICES: 1. Psychogenetics and Gestalt Therapy Retreats for Adults,Teens and Children, 2. Individual and Group Counseling, 3. Psychological Assessment Services, 4. Recollections, Deepening and Growth Workshops and other Seminars, 5. Resource Center

Our Slogan: " Families Helping Families"