Helping Link / Một Dấu Nối

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1032 S. Jackson St., Suite #C
United States

About Us

About Us:

Helping Link is a non-profit, grass-root, community-based service agency that provides educational, social, and cultural programs to empower and support Vietnamese immigrants and refugees in King County.

Mission Statement:

To empower Vietnamese-Americans’ social adjustment, family stability, and self-sufficiency while nurturing community service and youth leaders.

We try to accomplish our mission statement by offering referral services as well as programs such as: ESL, Computer Literacy Class, US Citizenship Class, and an after-school program.

Services Offered:


•Conversational “English as Second Language”

•Computer Literacy

•Vietnamese as A Second Language

•U.S. Citizenship

•Tutoring program for elementary, junior high, and high school students


•Information & Referral services

•Public School Liasons


•Tet (Lunar New Year) Celebrations

•Cultural Events and Outings


Volunteer and Internship Opportunities:

1. Office Assistant

2. E.S.L. Instructor

3. Computer Instructor

4. After-School Tutor

5. Public Relations

6. Graphic Designer

7. Website Designer

8. Project Manager

9. Grant Writer

10. Board of Directors

  • You do not have to speak Vietnamese to volunteer with us! We take pride in the diversity of our volunteers!