Sferracavalli | Festival Internazionale di Immaginazione Sostenibile

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via Amendola 44

About Us

It is a festival to discover and choose the future of the South of Italy, exploring immigration, environmental issues and creativity.

It is an international experiment of peace and popular culture.


Sferracavalli is an international theatre festival and represents a meeting point between Apulia (Italy) and contemporary theatre of the countries from which most migrants come from: Albania, Romania, Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal. Every festival edition is dedicated to one of these countries. Sferracavalli selects the best theatre plays produced by young companies of the above countries (this year Romania) and invites them to Lizzano, in Apulia. In August, the companies will perform their plays in an old abandoned cinema in the historical centre of Lizzano.


Sferracavalli combines evening events with a large spectrum of afternoon meetings with experts of innovative environmental policies and sustainable culture.

These events take place in the houses of Lizzano inhabitants who wish to host them (or in front of their houses, in the street, as it is customary to sit there in summer). All of these events are public.


All artists and experts who take part in the festival are hosted by Lizzano families. All Lizzano shops participating in the festival campaign offer special prices for the festival subscribing members. We aim to create real exchange opportunities between people and facilitate the circulation of ideas and experiences. Imagination

At Sferracavalli we are convinced that to improve the quality of the place where we live, we need to conceptualise the improvements and have the right instruments to transform the dream into reality.

P.S.: Sferracavalli is the name of a slope which is just outside Lizzano, which is so difficult that horses used to their shoes (Literally ‘unshoe horses’). But from the top of that slope, the view is amazing!