Fighting for middle class America

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About Us

This site was built for one reason only, to save America’s middle class. If we are not willing to fight for it, you can kiss it good-bye. The middle class has been decreasing at an alarming rate for decades. We have been lied to, stepped on, ignored, and basically thrown under the bus by our politicians, corporate managers and banking institutions. They don’t say it, but there goal must be to have just two economic classes, the rich and the poor. The first time in history, we have over 40 million Americans on food stamps. We have over 14million people unemployed, and they losing hope in the American dream. Over 20 percent of all the children in America are living below the poverty line, the highest rate in over 20 years. The proof is all around us, America’s middle class is being systematically destroyed. Once its gone, we may never see it again in our life time.

Time has come for us to unite as Americans to fight for the American dream. United we can make changes in our politicians that have forgotten the very people that pay their wages. We must unite not as republicans, democrats, African American, Hispanic, Asian, Caucasian’s, union and non-union, but as middle class Americans with a common cause of restoring America’s middle class. United we stand! Together we can make a difference! We must become one voice throughout America, and work hard to force a change in the way that our politicians, corporate managers and banking institutions think about America’s middle class. If they don’t want to help us restore Americas middle class back to the envy of the rest of the world. We will vote them out of office, boycott their companies, move our bank accounts, and force them to listen.

Our mission at fighting for middle class America is to bring middle class jobs back to America and restore faith back in working class America. We do accomplish this by increasing public awareness in the root causes of middle class job losses in America! By empowering America’s middle class the knowledge and encouragement to have a voice to force a change that has long been needed. As we grow, we will have a report card for politicians, corporation and banking institutions that you have the ability to see and comment on. We will work tirelessly and are dedicated to the men and women of America’s middle class. We believe in making it in America, and buying American. Working together we can show the importance of a strong American middle class.

United we have fought for this countries freedoms for over 200 years, we survived national disaster’s, put men on the moon, working together, nothing can stop us!

It’s time to stop talking about it, and do something. If they won’t bring American middle class jobs back on their own, united, we will!

If you would like to help in any way, please let us know. This project is so important; our way of life depends on it. We eventually would like to build a staff that gives you everything you need to create a positive change in middle class employment. We can’t do it alone but together, we can make a difference.

Visit us on Facebook at Fighting for middle class America, put up a post and add yourself as a friend! or at Twitter at wermiddleclass

As we gear up for the 2012 elections, we would like to start building pages to track and rate current candidates on their concern for middle class Americans. We will also begin a blog, where you can leave your concerns on candidates. So please visit our support page and help us put this in place to keep middle class America informed. Thank you for all the support, no matter how small, everything counts as we move closer to election day.