Gulu Women's Economic & Development

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About Us

GWED-G works in Uganda to promote the rights of all people. We envision a healthy, non-violent environment free from poverty and discrimination.


GWED-G aims to strengthen the capacity of grassroots communities in Northern Uganda to become self-reliant agents of change for peace and development through training and education for them to make effective decisions concerning their rights, health, and development.


GWED-G currently has 8 main program areas:

1. Community Access to Justice: Cooperates with community members, cultural leaders, local governments, and other partners to create a network of support that advocates for the community’s right to justice.

2. Women's Rights: Addresses violence against women and promotes gender equality by strengthening women’s groups and creating networks offering them a platform to address men’s attitudes towards women.

3. Peacebuilding for Youth: Gives youth and children the chance to cope with their pasts, realize their unique talents, and build a better future for themselves and their families.

4. Gender-Based Violence (GBV): Leads Community Dialogues on GBV, facilitates trainings on GBV prevention, organizes GBV awareness campaigns, and distributes materials to local and regional community membres.

5. Human Rights Education: Teaching women about their rights, forming grassroots networks ro report abuses, conducting dialogue sessions to raise awareness, distributing educational materials, and establishing reference points with local police to ensure monitoring.

6. HIV Prevention & Maternal Health: Works with students from GlobeMed at Columbia University to promote reproductive health rights education for women and youth living with HIV/AIDS.

7. Psychosocial Support for War Victims: Empowering war victims through vocational training, supplying resources for farming, and providing counseling services.

8. Advocacy and Research: Organizing campaigns, including a 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence, and participating in a study for ColoPlus, a nutritional supplement that is being tested for use with HIV-associated diarrhea, with Lund University in Sweden.