Valley Charter School

  • CA


P.O. Box 4128
Valley Village
United States

About Us

Valley Charter School is a small, tuition-free and non-sectarian public elementary school that will serve Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley and open, pending our charter approval, in September 2010. We will be a small school whose community extends not only to the child, but also to the family.

Valley Charter School will provide a project-based curriculum and a warm, nurturing, constructivist learning environment. Our aim will be to help each child reach his fullest potential by experiencing himself as a successful learner. Here, learning will be a collaborative, hands-on experience. Our school-wide, integrated social studies curriculum will cut across many disciplines to give children a deeper chance to explore the themes they are studying. Our goal is for our children to take great pleasure in learning.

While providing an excellent academic foundation, we believe in supporting the growth and development of the whole child. Each student will have the opportunity to work to improve the community around us. Through community service, dedication to teamwork, and our commitment to conflict resolution and social-emotional growth, our students will become ready to join and contribute to the diverse and complex world in which we live.