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Kuala Lumpur


About Us

The lack of quality secondary education is a big deficit for the tens of thousands of refugee, migrant, stateless, and underprivilidged children living in Malaysia. With limited access to education beyond the primary level, these children struggle to obtain dignified and secure lives and livlihoods. Ideas Academy therefore provides sustainable and quality secondary education to some of the most vulnerable children in the country.

IDEAS Academy is a UNHCR supported learning centre, committed to providing educational opportunities for underprivileged and excluded secondary school-aged children in Kuala Lumpur. IDEAS Academy offers an ambitious learning environment that uses the Ontario, Canada curriculum, high quality instructional and assessment strategies, and the TRIBES community philosophy to create and foster an outstanding learning environment, where young people feel safe and successful as they learn and grow. The language of instruction is English. It is the vision of Ideas Academy to establish professional learning centers with flexible, durable, and effective educational structures that offer high quality yet accessible curricula to the children with interrupted education who need it the most.