Association of Hispanic Arts

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P.O. Box 1169
El Barrio
New York
United States

About Us

Founded in 1975, the Association of Hispanic Arts, Inc. (AHA) is one of the only nonprofit arts service organization in New York City specifically serving the Latino arts and cultural community. AHA was established out of the need to create funding and presenting opportunities for individual Latino artists and cultural organizations whose contributions were unrecognized and whose efforts were underserved by mainstream public and private institutions.

Based in New York City, AHA’s primary mission has been to promote and advance Latino arts and artists through programs that:

1. Develop audiences and create new opportunities for the broadest possible exposure of Latino-created art forms and cultural expressions.

2. Provide a consistent and reliable source of information on all aspects of Latino arts and culture, including resource information for the Latino arts community.

3. Enhance the management and professional skills of Latino arts organizations and individual artists to grow, develop and succeed in their respective disciplines.