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130 West 79th Street
New York
United States

About Us

Elephant Family is a small but dynamic NGO on a mission to save the mighty but critically threatened Asian elephant. Massive loss of habitat has caused their numbers to plummet by 90% in the last 100 years, and this iconic species is on the brink of extinction in the wild, along with tigers, orangutans and the the other animals who share their habitat. We also fight for captive elephant welfare, and we are funding an investigation into the illegal trade in baby elephants and elephant parts.
Working with a network of first-class conservation partners, we currently fund projects across six of the 13 range states in Asia to:
* secure and restore habitat crucial to the long-term survival of the wild Asian elephant 
* mitigate conflicts between humans and elephants 
* encourage community driven conservation 
* increase knowledge and support for the Asian elephant crisis
Founded in the UK, Elephant Family now has a US presence, Elephant Family-USA, based in New York City