Tivnu: Building Justice

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7971 SE 11th Ave.
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About Us

Tivnu: Building Justice programs combine construction work and training, study (both Jewish and socio-economic) of the issues underlying our hands-on efforts, advocacy work on those issues and leadership development. There is a strong focus on issues pertaining to the human need for shelter. We run service-learning programs for all ages, including a gap year program for young adults ages 18-20, in Portland, Oregon.

At Tivnu, we are driven by a sense of commitment to the Jewish concept of Tzedakah. Often mistranslated as charity, the term derives from the Hebrew word for justice and fairness. Our goal is not to “give” our time and energy to those who are “less fortunate,” but to work together with others for a better world for us all. This is our understanding of the meaning of service.We believe that it is important for Jews to engage in social justice work not just as individuals, but as representatives of the Jewish community in partnership with other communities.