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About Us

Project Adventure is a pioneer and leader in Adventure-based experiential programming which uses active learning to build character, promote team work, develop physical and emotional fitness, and encourage responsibility.

PA seeks to expand Adventure-based experiential programming, with the goal of developing responsible individuals, productive organizations and sustainable communities.

  • We provide individuals with the tools necessary to challenge themselves to grow by overcoming perceived limitations.
  • We offer a safe environment and excellent instructors to encourage this growth.
  • We meet the needs of a variety of age groups and organizations.

PA applies a unique Adventure methodology to all of our programs, workshops and publications. This methodology consists of activities and experiences designed to appropriately challenge individuals and groups in ways that accelerate learning. Adventure methodology can be incorporated into an existing curriculum or used as the core of a new program.

Our emphasis on research and our strong commitment to curricula and educational standards differentiates us from other Adventure organizations. We constantly review and evaluate our programs to identify the measurable outcomes and use that research to modify existing programs and develop new ones. Supported by our core concepts of the Full Value Contract and Challenge by Choice, Project Adventure's approach is unmatched in the industry.