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  1. 1.
    The history of blind cricket in Nepal

The history of blind cricket in Nepalgoes back to the years of early ninety when the teachers from Nepalese blind schools visiting to Indian blind schools brought back sound balls along with them. The teachers visiting to Indian blind school had seen students hitting , throwing and chasing the ball by listening to its sound but they were still unaware of the name and rules of the game. As a result when they came back they just made their students throw , hit and chase the balls as what they had seen in India. Jhapa blind school and Dharan blind school were the first two to play in the way illustrated above . This trend continued till to the year 2006 when Abdul Rajaq and Sultan Shah of Pakistan Blind Cricket Council visited to Nepal to provide cricket training. It was Agha Saukat Ali of Pakistan Blind Cricket Council who thought beyond the border to promote this great game of cricket in Nepal. As a leading national Organization of the Blind, the role that NAB played to assembled and encourage blind in Kathmandu to participate in the cricket training is highly commendable. The history of blind cricket began by incorporating thirty one boys and two female trainees. First day of the training took place in the small ground of Vrikutimandap where as the remaining seven days training were conducted at Kritipur international cricket ground in Kathmandu. August seventh of 2006, the first day of the blind holding cricket bats in their hand is still marked as blind cricket day in Nepal with some special events. The training accomplished but the journey that kicked off was too long to go and paths are difficult to tred in a society where people do not understand blind’s competency to play and where blind are considered as living dead and blindness as a penance of past incarnation. It is the present chairman Pawan Ghimire who as the leader and a player struggled to take this movement ahead accepting all the challenges likely to encounter in the set journey. It is because of his fatigueless effort Nepal has got the pride to be first in the world to have first national blind women cricket team and having more than four hundred players incorporating more than one hundred female players. The role that Sugam Bhattarai, Rjendra Dhital, Upendra Shrestha and Bikram Bdr. Rana made to assist in Pawan’s commitment is the evidence of true friendship and team spirit. On 14th Aug of 2006, the last day of the training, nine member an ad-hoc committee was formed in the chairmanship of Laxman Ganywali. Since , 2007, this Association is moving ahead in a good leadership of Mr. Pawan Ghimire.

2. Introduction of CAB, Nepal:

CAB, Nepal is a non –political,non-profitable,purely a social sports Organization established in the year 2006 with an aim to promote great game of cricket among sixteen thousands of blind youths and children plus to ensure blind and visually impaired right to sports. CAB, Nepal has successfully extended this great game of cricket from Sunsari in eastern region to Dhangadi in Far-western region having more than four hundred including one hundred female blind players. Till to this date , this cricket is now being played at twelve districts and seven blind schools of Nepal.

3. Affiliation:

This Organization is affiliated to;

  1. Registered to District Administrative office at Kathmandu
    [11thJan, 2007].

  2. National Sports Council as a club[13Nov, 2006]

  3. Cricket Association of Nepal[15Oct, 2007]

  4. World Blind Cricket Council]1stJune, 2007].

  5. National Federation of the Disabled, Nepal [23rd
    Sept, 2007[.

4. Objectives:

  1. To
    promote and proliferate cricket all over the country.
  2. Make
    cricket accessible to all types of blind disregarding their age, sex,
    caste, creed and religion by forming clubs and regional Associations in different possible places.
  3. To
    organize national and international events and make own team to participate
    in games organized out side the country.
  4. To
    provide better opportunities to the blind players by providing scholarship
    and employment and provide opportunities to play from international clubs.
  5. To
    conduct many social and non- political awareness programs

  1. To establish harmonic relationship and networking with other
    cricket conducting bodies

  2. To create social awareness, change common men’s
    perspective to view blind and give social exposure to the blind’s competency to

  3. To give new identification of players to the
    socially marginalized blind youths and children by changing conventional
    thought of taking blind as beggars and
    mercy living creature.

  4. To professionalize the great game of cricket in
    a long term.

10. To ensure Blind and visually impaired youths and children’s right to sports.

  1. Branches:

CAB, Nepal is an umbrella Organization of different regional blind cricket Associations and clubs existing in various parts of the country to make cricket accessible to all children and youths with visual impairments. This concept of decentralization is not only helping to bring more and more blind into leadership but is also proving effective in our search and production of world class players.

  1. Valley Cricket Association of the Blind,

Date of establishment: 2006

Chairman: Mr. Kritan Shrestha Duwal

Mob no: 00977-9841760119

E –mail:

Office add: Sanothimi, Bhaktapur

2. Cricket Association of the Blind, Kaski

Date of Establishment: 2007

Chairman: Mr. Amrit Baral

Mob no: 00977-9856029535

E mail:

Office add: Chipledhunga, Pokhara ,Kaski

3. Cricket Association of the Blind, Lumbini

Date of establishment: 2008

Chairman: Mr. Bimal Paudel

Mob no: 00977-9857

E mail:

Office add: Traffic chowk, Butwal, Rupendehi

B. Clubs.

1. Cricket Club of the Blind, Chitwan – Mr. Bed Paudel

2. Cricket Club of the Blind, Banke – Mr. Bhabuk Jung Thapa

3. Cricket Club of the Blind, Bara- Mr. Sudhir Chaudhary

4. Cricket Club of the Blind, Dhangadi- Mr. Dilip Chaudhary

5. Cricket Club of the Blind, Sunsari – Mr. Bhabishay Jha

  1. 1.
    The history of blind cricket in Nepal

The history of blind cricket in Nepalgoes back to the years of early ninety when the teachers from Nepalese blind schools visiting to Indian blind schools brought back sound balls along with them. The…

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