Nevada Youth Empowerment Project

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About Us

A local, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, pending, was officially founded in September of 2007 to help disadvantaged adolescent girls leaving the dependency system.

The Nevada Youth Empowerment Project provides a safe haven for the homeless young females on the streets of our communities. Young females, ages 17-21, are given a safe and serene place to live, skills training to move them toward independent living, an opportunity to complete their high school education, access to higher education or vocational training, as well as specialized services for those with a mental disability or for pregnant young women.

The majority of these young women come to the Nevada Youth Empowerment Project looking for hope. They are destitute, hungry and afraid. Living on the streets, or recently aged out of foster care, these young women are looking for a way to live that doesn’t entail sacrificing their souls for a place to lay their head or for a meal to eat.

The Nevada Youth Empowerment Project empowers these young women to create a life worth living.

The mission of NYEP is “Enriching the lives of at-risk young adults, thereby protecting the community; through an integrated continuum of care, life skills training, behavior interventions, and societal reintegration.”

This is accomplished by making a positive difference in the lives of at-risk, female youth through quality residential and support services that promote dignity, integrity, and responsibility. NYEP was formed in 2007 to address the increasing need for services targeting youth aging out of the foster care system, including transitional foster care group homes for female teenagers.

NYEP is committed to providing loving, caring homes for Northern Nevada’s foster care teen girls that have been removed from their homes due to abuse and/or neglect.

NYEP provides a supportive environment with the opportunity to develop appropriate skills and the encouragement to take appropriate risks in the process of becoming independent. The program is designed specifically for female youth who intend to transition from substitute living situations into the community to live independently.