South Brevard Sharing Center

  • Florida


17 East Hibiscus Boulevard
United States

About Us

The South Brevard Sharing Center (SBSC) is a Melbourne-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization working to end homelessness in South Brevard by providing housing and life stability for our residents who are stuck living outdoors or at risk of homelessness. As part of this process, we address core poverty and public health issues such as food and income insecurity, access to adequate healthcare, and access to affordable housing. We develop meaningful relationships with people in need equipping them with the tools to become self-sufficient and achieve an improved quality of life.


While we have a history of serving our community for over 45 years, we have recently embarked on a regeneration of our organization, as we have become the lead agency of the Street to Home (S2H) Movement, a collective impact project to end long-term homelessness in South Brevard. In addition to recording and reporting on project impact, SBSC also provides direct services to clients for S2H. These services consists of:

  1. Targeted Street Outreach, Homeless Diversion, and Coordinated Entry services for households living outdoors in the Melbourne area.
  2. A Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) project for chronically homeless households with disabilities that have complex service needs.
  3. A Rapid Re-Housing (RRH) project for episodically homeless households that have moderate service needs.


You can read about our journey of regeneration and disrupting the status quo as a non-profit in a recent Facebook post at