Starr Detroit Academy

  • MI


United States

About Us

Starr Detroit Academy is an open enrollment charter school founded on the belief that all Detroit children have the right to a rigorous college preparatory curriculum, the opportunity to recognize and develop their own strengths and committed teachers 100% dedicated to their success. Starr Detroit Academy is based on the same core values and strength-based beliefs as Starr Commonwealth, a leading childcare agency in Michigan.


The mission of Starr Detroit Academy is to prepare students for academic mastery, college, work and life. Through our mission, each child will develop:

  • strong character, self-confidence, and a deep awareness of their own strengths, interests, and ability.
  • a great academic foundation in the core subjects
  • the values and work ethic necessary for success in college, work and the community

Our Core Values:

Our school culture will be centered on Excellence, Respect, Responsibility, Perseverance and Caring, these values will be heavily embedded in every school based interaction so that scholars internalize and live by the credos of:

1. Excellence — Focusing on results and doing whatever it takes to accomplish our goals.

2. Respect—Treating other people like we want to be treated and taking care of our environment so others do the same.

3. Responsibility—Recognizing our strengths, learning from our mistakes, and assuming ownership for our actions.

4. Perseverance— Working hard and never giving up; even when the work is difficult, we will succeed.

5. Caring—Taking care of one another; we help and do not hurt each other physically or emotionally.

Our core values will be heavily embedded throughout our school culture to ensure that all students internalize and live by these important credos.