St. Matthews Area Ministries

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About Us

St. Matthews Area Ministries seeks to unite the resources and people of area
congregations to effectively meet community needs. Through St. MAM, area
congregations collaborate and partner with government, schools, businesses, and other non-profits to meet emergency needs, to stabilize families in transitional situations, to provide a nurturing and healthy environment for children and youth, and to offer resources for the benefit of the whole community.
St. MAM:
Provides families and individuals with immediate, emergency relief from hunger
through its food pantry and bread distribution program.
Stabilizes families and individuals financially and emotionally through case
management services and through seasonal support services, focusing on the holiday season and school start-up needs.
Cares for families in transition and crisis through workshops for families coping with divorce, through counseling, and through family mentoring.
Nurtures and mentors children and youth through its Child Development Center and its guidance of youth who need philanthropy hours.
Responds to needs of people of all ages throughout the St. Matthews area, including addressing affordable housing and the needs of older adults,
Ministers through volunteers: its work is made possible through the volunteer efforts of people from throughout the St. Matthews & greater Louisville area.