The Center for Harm Reduction Therapy

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45 Franklin St.
Suite 320
San Francisco
United States

About Us

The Center for Harm Reduction Therapy Center (CHRT) is a certified drug and alcohol program with a mission to transform substance abuse and mental health treatment in the United States. We have created a treatment model that welcomes people into a treatment regardless of the status of their drug and alcohol use and regardless of their goals for future use. Our approach is pragmatic and compassionate.

We specialize in working with people whose alcohol or other drug use is complicated by emotional, psychiatric or medical problems. Many people seek our services when other treatment programs and interventions have not met their needs. We offer a radically different approach to working with alcohol and other drug users and the people who care about them.

CHRT is part of a larger international movement that advocates for humane risk reduction policies and practices and accurate education about the impact of alcohol and other drugs. Harm reduction programs include syringe exchange, safer sex education, and other public health interventions. This movement is also dedicated to ending the War on Drugs which has cost billions of dollars and devastated countless lives by putting more resources into incarceration than treatment of substance abusers.

CHRT is staffed by licensed and license-eligible mental health therapists who are addictions specialists. Our treatment services are located in the San Francisco Bay Area. We provide training and consultation to health professionals throughout the United States and internationally.