Bedford VA Research Corp., Inc.

  • MA

About Us


Our mission is to facilitate research collaborations for the VA Medical Center at the Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial Veterans Hospital by accepting and administering funds from non-VA appropriated federal institutions, as well as non-profit corporations, universities, charitable foundations, and for profit companies in support of our Veteran’s health and well-being and the general population.

BRCI is a stand-alone, non-profit, tax exempt company that is incorporated in The Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

BRCI along with a number of other Non-Profit Corporations (NPCs) associated with other Veterans Administration Medical Centers was created by an Act of Congress with the sole purpose of allowing VA Researchers access to sources of funding (to which they would otherwise be denied access) for

scientific and health-related research that is meant to benefit Veterans, the VA, and the general population.

BRCI receives no financial support from the VA. All funds for operating expenses are derived from BRCI Overhead charges that are levied on contracts, funds from other non-profits, donations, etc. BRCI serves in an administrative roll for the VA Researchers that it serves.

(The VA-NPC relationship is spelled out in 38 U.S.C.Sec.7361-7368. Also see Sections 401-403: Research Corporations under the foregoing citation.)