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About Us

DUB4U is a 501c3 non profit organization formed to support those individuals in need of incontinence wear through monthly deliveries of free incontinence briefs and or pads.
25 million older Americans are experiencing some form of urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence is experienced by both men and women whether from an injury, illness, disability, or age. Adult absorbent products cost upwards of $100.00 a month, purchasing these products are not possible for millions of adults. A disproportionate number of older adults are living with limited means, between 100 and 149% of poverty level for a single person, $10,830‐$16,137 annually (American Community Survey, 2008). Being slightly above the poverty level makes them ineligible for certain programs, but does not provide economic self‐sufficiency in our high‐cost state.
At this time, insurance does not cover the cost of disposable undergarments or briefs. Currently, there are not any programs that offer assistance to seniors in need of adult briefs or other incontinence products, making independent living unattainable. “These are not luxury items but a necessity”. Without these basic human needs met, many healthy older Americans are trapped in their homes, fearful of joining social functions such as family birthday parties, visits with neighbors, or trips to the library. Health and skin disease can be a risk when many adults are using unsanitary and unhealthy choices in controlling the symptoms of this condition.

Who is DUB4U:

DUB4U “Discreet Undergarment Banking For You” was founded in 2013 and currently serves a population in the State of Connecticut with more than 487,000 residents over the age of 65 (US

Census Bureau, 2010). The founder Christine Baker has worked with the adult population for more then 30 years . She successfully owns and operates a home care agency in the State of Connecticut. She is the Director of the local Senior Center and is a state appointed Conservator of Estate as well as a serving board member with the Eastern Connecticut Disabilities Network and a awarded community member of the National Alzheimer Association and National Parkinson Association. Christine has witnessed the struggle these older adults face in obtaining or affording such a absolute necessity for most adult Connecticut residents.

How We Help:

In 2015 DUB4U delivered over 16,000 adult briefs and or pads through out the state of Connecticut with monthly deliveries of free disposable undergarments. Through continued outreach and promotion the number of clients in need referrals from area social service agencies, hospitals and physician offices doubled in the past month alone. DUB4U is a member of the National Diaper Bank and a recipient of the 2015 NDBN Funds for Change Grant and NDBN only recognized exclusive adult incontinent brief distribution organization in the United States. DU4U participates in social service events and with the United Way Gemma Moran Program and reaches out to local seniors centers, hospitals, physicians, nurse managers, elderly housing units and local social service agencies to reach those in need.

How You Can Help:

 We currently receive donations from area drives and local deliveries, product samples and fundraiser events and awarded grants. DUB4U is seeking product donations of incontinent supplies, corporate and individual financial donations and volunteer assistance with inventory tracking, packaging and delivery and fund raising events.