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The Gospel et Racines Crusade Missions (NGO)

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30th Nov. 2006

The Friends & Sponsors,

We are sending herewith a GRCM profile seeking for your kind consideration for partnership and for funding support.

Please feel free to contact us for any further information in this matter.

Thanking you,

Yours Faithfully

Dr. Cathérine Adjouavi Agbékponou Rev. Dr. Edward ASIAMAH

Director – Projects Project Manager

Contact Persons: Dr. Cathérine Adjouavi Agbékponou / Rev. Dr. Edward Asiamah

Name of the Organization: Gospel et Racines Crusade Missions (GRCM)

Constitution: Non profit, tax exempt, Advocacy charitable organization.

Charity Reg. No: 2005/286/DEP-ATL-LITT/SG/SAG-ASSOC du 22 April 2005

Contact by Mail: 10 BP1063, Cotonou, Republic of Benin – West Africa

Contact by e-mail: grcmissions2005@yahoo.com

Contact by Telephone: (+229) 97477645 / 95717369 / 93465398

1. Organization History

In 2003, The Gospel et Racines Crusade Missions, hereafter known as GRCMissions – was created as a non profit, tax exempt, advocacy-based charitable organization in Republic of Bénin by a successful lecturer and business executive Dr. Cathérine Adjouavi AGBEKPONOU (MsL). The GRCMissions works to promote human rights, assists women, children and youth includung people affected and living with HIV/AIDs. Programs are created to provide educational opportunities such as: vocational and technical skills, scholarships for high school and college youth, computers and computer training, school supplies, building and refurbing learning institutions. The poverty reduction program are: micro-enterprise, community development, basic health care, sanitation, AIDs prevention and education, nutrition and family planning.

The GRCMissions is governed by a seven (7) member board of prominent executives and Dr. Cathérine Adjouavi Agbékponou is the Chief Executive.

Further, every member GRCM is creative to offer transformative solutions and innovative approaches , entrepreneurial to thrive on challenges and skillfully adapt to a changing environment, collaborative to invest in personal relationships, understands their value, principled to demonstrate deep sense of purpose and commitment.

Dr. Cathérine Adjouavi Agbékponou is possessing exceptional gifts for entrepreneurship development, creativity, leadership skills and dedication full-time to offer humanitarian services.

The GRCM’s past achievements for the last 3 years include evangalism / in-plantation of christian fellowship, an entrepreneurship development training for women self-help groups, a project which has been addressing the health care needs of children, youth, teenage mothers , women and men and the unhealthy behaviours in at risk minority youth and a nutrition program for malnourished children. The occasion provided them opportunities to learn more positive life-styles to enhance their capacity to make healthier life choices.

2. Mission Statement:

Our Mission is to provide opportunities for people in chronic poverty to transform their lives. Our commitment is motivated by a divine call to save humankind and nature in excellence. Our core values are respect, purpose, commitment to the needs of suffering and lost humanity, passion, accountability, integrity, transparency and good stewardship.

9.0 GRCM’s Bank details:

For Credit of Bank Name

Bank of Africa-Benin

Avenue Jean-Paul II,

08 BP 0879 Cotonou-Benin


Further Credit to:

Account Name: Gospel et Racines Crusade Missions (NGO)

10 BP 1063 Cotonou-Benin

Account Number: 01817650008