Living Water Community

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About Us

The Living Water Community (LWC) is a Catholic Lay Ecclesial Community and regional non-governmental organisation (NGO) headquartered in Trinidad and Tobago that was established in 1975. In addition to having numerous pastoral ministries, LWC also runs social ministries that work in areas such as cancer care, at risk boys, housing construction, food and goods distribution, refugee and migrant rights and protection, HIV/AIDs, drug rehabilitation, elderly care and disaster relief. LWC also networks and supports over one hundred and twenty-five (125) Community-Based Organisations (CBOs) and NGOs through its various ministries. LWC also owns Trinity Communications which is dedicated to using communications technology to evangelize and promote social justice. LWC has established missions in St. Lucia, Barbados and the Netherlands Antilles of Saba and St Eustasius.

LWC  has partnered with UNHCR since the 1980’s. LWC has worked with migrants from many countries and of various regions, including from Colombia, Haiti, Cuba, Pakistan, Iraq, Somalia, Bangladesh, Sierra Leone, Sudan and many more. Included in this group of migrants are not only forced migrants, namely, refugees, asylum seekers and victims of trafficking but also economic and often irregular migrants.