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4 Ways To Tackle Burnout And Practice Self-Care

A woman with her eyes closed and hands together on top of her head.

Whether you’ve been tirelessly working on a project at your nonprofit organization or entrenched in a harrowing job search, you may have put self-care on the bottom of your priority list. However, there are small yet significant ways to put yourself first. In this video, we outline a few ways to salvage your well-being when you’re teetering on the edge of burnout.

Ready to put these tips into practice? Here are a few resources to help you out:

Identify your passion project: When you’re scrounging for time, the last thing you might be looking for is something that uses up more of it. Remember though, that engaging in a hobby or taking on a passion project can help you escape your stress and remind you that you are more than your job title!

Set time to reflect: A few minutes of reflection will do it---ask yourself what challenges you encountered during the week and what changes you need to make to overcome them.

Step away from your desk: A 5-10 minute respite from your desk a couple of times each day can work wonders. You can use the time to meditate, show gratitude, or listen to a favorite song. Discover how to set boundaries. Leave work email for work hours, and be sure to use your vacation days!

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By Victoria Crispo

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