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Career Crush | 5 Highlights from A Conversation with BossedUp Founder Emilie Aries

Career Crush | 5 Highlights from A Conversation with BossedUp Founder Emilie Aries

If you missed the Career Crush conversation I had in April with BossedUp's Emilie Aries, here is your opportunity to watch the replay!

Career Crush is an opportunity to watch a live online broadcast focused on authentic career stories from professionals in a variety of different fields and that professional was me!

During my conversation with BossedUp founder Emilie Aries, I shared stories of my beginnings as a career development professional at a private liberal arts college in New York, the positive impact a marketing background can have on one's job search, and how living a happy and sustainable life can translate to a happy career.

Some other key highlights:

  • How knowing the two "C"s of career success - clarity and confidence- can improve your job search.
  • Why your value and worth is not hinged on getting any particular job (even the one you want the most!)
  • Why you might pursue a job you "like enough" in favor of a dream job
  • How to draw boundaries around your time, particularly in regards to working during after-work hours and managing expectations around responding to after-work hours emails.
  • What you miss out on when you are constantly connected to your email

By Victoria Crispo

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