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5 Moments When You Should Do Absolutely Nothing

A to do list.

If you’re trying to move your career forward or find a new job, there is always a list of things you can do more of. Network more. Volunteer moreSpeak up more. But there are moments when you should really slow down and do nothing.

Over on 99u, serial entrepreneur James Altucher outlines the moments when he stops working. Instead of pushing through anxiety, anger, and other challenges, he realizes that these are often signs he should stop. Here is one example that stood out to us.

"Do nothing when you’re tired.  I was trying to figure out something on the computer the other day. It was both very technical and related to money. First it was 1 p.m. Then it was 6 p.m. Then, against all my rules for a “daily practice,” it was midnight. And I was no closer to figuring it out. I was tired. My eyes were blurry. I was taking ten-second naps on my computer. A week later I still haven’t figured out what I needed to figure out. But right then, because I had invested this time into my “learning” and I was tired, I wanted to keep going. My wife Claudia peeled me off the keyboard and marched me upstairs. Sleep hygiene is the best way to improve productivity in your life. Not beating your head against a computer."

Read the rest of his advice on 99u.

We each have our own limits, or moments when it’s clear we should stop working (personally, I know I shouldn’t do anything when I’m hungry. Or, more accurately, hangry). What are yours? Share them in the comments.

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by Allison Jones

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