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6 Reasons Why You Should Build Relationships with Recruiters

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Yesterday, we co-hosted a webinar on how to work with nonprofit recruiters with Kevin Flynn -- Vice President of Recruiting and Candidate Services at Commongood Careers. In this hour-long webinar he gave an inside look at how recruiters work, what they look for in candidates, and how to start building relationships with them.

While working with recruiters makes sense during your job search, he outlined six reasons building relationships with recruiters throughout your career is beneficial:

1. Market intelligence and trends: What skills and experiences are in demand? Good recruiters often have their "fingers on the pulse" of your industry and can let you know what skills and experiences are in demand so you can position yourself accordingly.

2. Career trajectory insight: Given your experience and skills, what organizations and roles would be a good fit for you?

3. Job search feedback: Is your resume competitive? Are you targeting the right organizations? A recruiter can give you helpful feedback on your job search strategy.

4. Moving past the job description: Sometimes, job descriptions might not tell you everything you need to know about an organization. A recruiter can get you the inside scoop.

5. Access to the ‘hidden job market’: Many jobs are filled without being posted, especially when there's a sudden urgent need for a hire.

6. Adding value to your own network: Being able to refer your OWN network to jobs and recruiters strengthens your relationships.

Have more questions about working with recruiters? Download the slides from the presentation or watch it below (the video is a little cut off in the beginning, but all the core content is there).


By Allison Jones

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