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6 Resources to Help You Overhaul Your Cover Letter

A resume and cover letter next to a cup of coffee.

We spend a lot of time talking about resumes, but the cover letter deserves just as much attention. Here are six resources to help you make your cover letter stand out.

Let your personality shine

Hundreds of cover letters and resumes cross the desk of hiring managers any given day. Do not rely on a stock cover letter formula to sell why you are the best fit for the job. Break the mold and let your personality shine.

Demonstrate fit

A great cover letter is tailored to the job description and is an opportunity to showcase what you know about the job and how you are the best fit.

Be organized

It is important to be creative with your cover letter to make it stand out, but that doesn’t mean it is not professional. Regardless of your content, the letter itself needs to be well formatted, addressed, and structured.

Tell a story…or not

The cover letter is the perfect space to showcase who you are, and one way to achieve that is to tell a quick story. If storytelling isn’t your forte, consider these tips for staying original, focused, and relevant in the first few sentences of your cover letter.

Get some expert advice

Crafting a genius cover letter is the first step toward landing a job. As you put on the final touches, review these 12 pieces of advice from a seasoned hiring manager directed toward entry-level applicants.

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by Aaron McCoy

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