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Community Question | Can I Apply For Multiple Positions At The Same Organization?

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It’s often a good sign when an organization is hiring for multiple positions at once. It means they are growing, have the funds to add staff, or are working on some big projects that need lots of support. But what if you feel drawn to more than one job opening at an organization?

Especially if you have a wide range of skills and interests, you may be in a similar situation to this Idealist:

"I’m looking into a few organizations where I would be interested in or qualified for multiple jobs. Should I apply for more than one job at an organization? Or do I apply for one and make note that I am interested in others in the cover letter? If I do apply to just one then which one do I pick: the one I am most interested in or the one I most qualified for?"

Some people worry that applying for multiple positions shows indecisiveness or lack of commitment to one job field. A recent thread on Reddit asked this same questions and the folks who replied said to apply separately for each position, catering each cover letter and resume to fit the different job.

It is important to think of each position as a separate application, but interview coach Dorothy Sliwicki encourages applicants to look at the instructions before applying. If it’s an online application for a big organization, it may be worth mentioning that you’re interested in and qualified for a couple positions in the cover letter, in case your resume ends up with a several different people. If you are applying to a smaller organization or a place where you know someone who works there, perhaps you can reach out and explain your situation to determine the best way to proceed.

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