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Ask Victoria | Resume Debacle

Today's question comes from a reader who has been moving along in the hiring process and later discovered that he put the wrong dates of employment on his resume. What to do? Read on!

Dear Victoria,

I saw your post on updated resumes and was inspired to write you. I am currently in the hiring process with an organization after having had two interviews. First, I sent my resume to the head of HR and had a phone conversation with him. Then, he set up a meeting with the hiring manager. After that interview I was told to take a screening test, and would meet with two more people afterwards

The problem is, the dates I listed (and I listed only years, not months) on my resume are off by a year or so on a few of my positions. Prior to this opportunity, I heavily edited my resume as I have not been seeking specifically for a new job.

After interviewing about a week ago, they told me I am moving forward. Do I send HR a new resume with the corrected dates and include months perhaps? Or I could go to the next meeting with the new resume. I just don't want something to pop up if they go to verify my dates.  

Thank you for any and all of your help,


Dear Shawn,

Thanks for reaching out, and congratulations on your progress in the hiring process! Since you're moving on to another interview, it's likely that the organization will verify your dates of employment at some point. I would correct the years on your resume and go to your next meeting with the updated copy in your hand 

I wouldn't email the new copy, as this type of error will be easier explained in person. I would also be prepared with a hypothesis as to how you think you got the dates mixed up. It's an honest mistake that can happen, but take the extra step to reflect back and identify what may have had you list the wrong range of years and offer it up as an explanation. For example, it may be a situation like this:

"I made an error in the date range for my time of employment at The Dayton Foundation. For that job, I remember wearing a winter coat to my interview, and when I was updating my resume I incorrectly remembered my start date as December 2016, but it was actually February 2016. I made the edits and wanted to give you an updated copy with the correct date ranges."

There's always the concern that any error on a resume will not reflect well on you as a candidate. When pointing it out to an employer, it can make you feel even more insecure about the impression you are giving. As I've mentioned to other job seekers, it really depends on the employer: some will see the error as an indicator of failing to take the appropriate steps to ensure accuracy, and others will appreciate your honesty and willingness to address your mistake (and mistakes happen in the workplace!).

I would take this as a reminder to always check your dates of employment before sending off your resume. For the time being however, make the edits to your resume, hand it to the employer in person with a quick explanation, and shift the conversation back to the great skills you have that make you qualified for the job!

Hope that helps, and please do keep us posted on how things go! 

To your success,


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