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Cleveland Courage Fund, Motivation, And Moms For Change | What Happened This Week?

Coat hooks that spell out the word, "Buzz."

Here’s a roundup of what’s buzzing in the social sector this week.

Watch and listen to these:

Read these:

  • The Cleveland Courage Fund has been established to help the three women who were rescued from years of captivity this week.
  • Kivi Leroux Miller asked her readers and followers what they would do with a “free day” at their organization. Check out the conversation on Twitter.
  • ProPublica, the investigative journalism organization, launched a new tool that allows readers to access the federal tax returns of more than 615,000 nonprofit organizations.
  • LinkedIn introduced a new design for its LinkedIn Today offering, allowing easier content discovery. Learn more here.
  • Everyone will mess up at some point in their careers, so here’s some advice for how to handle that tough conversation.

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