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Didn’t Get Your Dream Job? Here’s How To Move On

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We all have that moment (or several) in our job search where we stumble upon an opportunity that seems perfect: we have the experience and skills required and the organization’s work and values align with what we want to do. However, we’ve likely also experienced the disappointment of not getting that job. How do you move forward after being rejected from the job of your dreams?

In Life After College, career coach, author, and former human resources leader Melissa Anzman shares four tips on how to recover from rejection, based on her own experiences:

Boost your self-esteem

"This is probably not the best HR advice you will ever get from me, but sometimes we just need an ego-boost. And nothing boosts your ego quicker than someone being interested in you for a job! So while I was faking it, I applied to positions that I knew were a shoe-in for me. You know, those lateral moves that you would not really consider if you had “a choice,” but you know that they will be jumping up and down when they see your experience?"

"Yeah, I applied to those positions so I’d at least get some phone interviews set-up. Talk about major boost in my attitude — “Someone likes me! They want me!” Any interview is good practice — remember that an interview doesn’t mean you have to take the job, so for crying out loud — accept those darn practice opportunities!"

Read the rest of her advice here.

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