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#Gradschool101 | Helpful Resources to Get You Through the Graduate School Process

Preparing for graduate school? We can help! Check out a few videos from our #GradSchool101 series and some of the additional resources we found.

Need to know more about graduate school programs? Attend an Idealist grad fair

In this episode of Grad School 101, the experts discuss the benefits of attending an Idealist Grad Fair and provide tips on how to get the most from your time there.

  • What graduate degrees can be used for the social good?
  • Researching a graduate school is crucial to making sure it’s the right fit for you. Check out these 7 steps to finding the right school.
  • What graduate schools are coming to the grad fair near you?

Why go to grad school?

What are the good and bad reasons to pursue a higher degree? The experts here provide some advice on how to research schools to find the program that will best help you achieve your career goals.

Cast a wide net of financing

Grad school is not cheap. But, if you start your financial planning early and engage a wide range of funding sources, you can create a viable plan to pay for your advanced degree.

Writing your personal statements and gathering recommendations 

In this episode of #GradSchool101, the experts explain what they’re looking for when they read personal statements and recommendations, and provide tips on how to write effective statements and get great recs.

Want more resources on applying to graduate school? Watch the rest of our #GradSchool101series on Youtube!

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by Aaron McCoy

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