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How One Company Is Vouching for the People It Laid Off

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Getting laid off is a daunting and upsetting experience. And even if you did great work, how do you explain this to potential employer, when the job search is so competitive?

Ignite Social Media—which has to let go of 50 of its 110-person staff due to losing a major client—is trying to give the employees it lays off a leg up by offering $5,000 to employers who hire then, for performance or character issues, has to fire the person.

So far, according to Ignite Social Media President Jim Tobin, this appears to be working as some of the folks who have been laid off have found jobs and employers are reaching out to him directly. And while this approach can certainly help employees, Tobin’s goal is to not burn bridges with them and hopefully, hire some of them back.

Read more about the plan on Triangle Business Journal.

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by Allison Jones

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