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Three Ways To Make The Most Of That Extra Hour And Advance Your Career

A clock.

Yesterday, Daylight Savings ended in the United States. While many of us could certainly use that extra hour for some much needed sleep, there are a few ways to use that time to take your career to the next level.

Schedule an informational interview:Informational interviews are a great way to explore the ins-and-outs of a career, organization, or industry that you are interested in. Spend some time researching people to chat with and reach out to them. Remember: an informational interview is not a job interview; it is a conversation with someone whose career mirrors the work you’d like to do.

Subscribe to an industry publication: With the world of work changing, it’s hard to stay on top of trends while remaining competitive. This is why industry publications – magazines, newsletters, blogs, etc – can be helpful as you navigate your career. In addition to learning about key information in your field, you’ll hear about great opportunities and can expand your network by connecting with like-minded people. Start by looking at associations related to your work and see if they have publications you can subscribe to or look through our sector resources.

Let go of an activity that’s draining you: We all have them: activities or projects that we dread participating in. Maybe you no longer have time; maybe the project is going in a direction that puts you off; or maybe you’ve simply lost interest. Letting go of activities that hold you back instead of moving you forward frees up your time. You can use that time to focus on other things that do fulfill you.

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