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One Powerful Way to Figure out What You're Good At

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If you’re trying to find a job or move your career forward, it’s always a good idea to reflect on your interests, accomplishments, and strengths. However, all too often, we reflect alone. What would happen if we started asking others for their input on what we’re good at?

Over on Popforms—a software company that helps managers and their staff set goals and work together better—Kate Matsudaira argues that other people see our strengths very differently than we do. Rather than dismissing these insights, we should explore them so we refine and refocus our job search and careers.

To do this, she suggests sending your contacts an email, asking them for insights on your strengths. Here’s a template they recommend:

"Hi _______,

I am working on improving myself, personally and at work, and you are someone whose opinion I truly value. If you are willing, I would be so appreciative if you would answer some or all of the questions below to help me gain some insight into my strengths and the things I do best.

I really appreciate it, and would be happy to do the same for you if you’d like! 

: What do you think is my greatest strength?

: How would you describe my style?

: What do you think I should let go of?

: When do you feel that I am at my best?

: What do you wish I were less of, for my sake?

: When have you seen me looking my most fabulous?

: What do you think I could give myself more credit for or celebrate more?

Thanks again"

Read the rest of Kate’s advice on Popforms.

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by Allison Jones

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