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Help a Job Seeker | What Should You Do When Age Is an Obstacle to Finding a Job?

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Every other Wednesday we usually feature an open thread where we ask you to share your advice on a particular topic. Today, we’re shifting gears and featuring a question we recently received from a job seeker. Can you help her out?

"I have found that my age is one of the biggest obstacles in reaching employers/gaining employment. 

I started by leaving off my undergraduate degree, now I am struggling with leaving off one of my masters degrees. I worked hard for both degrees, I was able to pay off all my loans to NYU for the first masters degree, and now I worry that not only will I struggle with paying back my loans, but that all my hard work in sustainable economic development, advocacy and leadership with carefully chosen and reputable NGO’s will make no difference whatsoever.

I am thinking perhaps I should do something for women around this issue but have no idea where to start, part of this problem is I have most of my experience in India where cultural norms and practice are very different. 

I would love to get some insight into this issue as I imagine I am not the only woman struggling with this"

Do you have any advice for this job seeker? Share it in the comments.

by Allison Jones

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