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Community Question | Why Isn’t My Job Search Working?

Community Question | Why Isn’t My Job Search Working?

Here at Idealist, we try to give you plenty of support and inspiration to help you through a frustrating and tough job search. But sometimes, you just hit a wall. An Idealist reader recently asked:

"I’ve applied to several of your job postings but I rarely even get an interview. I graduated from a good university, have experience living and working abroad, and have had several internships at nonprofits, but I can’t seem to land a job. What am I doing wrong?"

That’s the worst! We recently shared some ways that social media outreach may be hurting your job search, but what else can be done to get back on the right track?

Lindsay Olson at US News’ On Careers Blog has some advice: “If your job search has been going on longer than it should, there’s one common denominator: you. You might be getting in your own way, if you’re doing any of the following.” She went on to say that some job seekers are too picky, they ignore the formality of a job search, or they drive hiring managers crazy by being annoying in the follow-up stages. Her other warnings include bringing up money too soon, bashing former employers, and having an attitude focused on “what’s in it for me?”

Advice on mostly focuses on taking your time with the job search. Don’t procrastinate, and be sure to create a customized cover letter and resume, provide plenty of information about yourself in the application, avoid being distracted while you apply for jobs, and try to network more. It’s also important to stay positive during this time. Don’t spend all your time worrying about the job search and celebrate small victories, like if you get an interview or hear some positive feedback from a potential employer.

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