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About Us

ProVeg is a new international pro-vegan food awareness organization with the vision to create a world where everyone chooses delicious and healthy food that is good for all humans, animals, and our planet. Our mission is to reduce the global consumption of animals by 50% by the year 2040. We launched earlier this year and are active in four different countries – the UK, Germany, Poland, and Spain – with more to follow in 2018. With effective campaigns, international events and other innovative projects, ProVeg supports a transition to plant-based living, providing the public with practical help, tips and information in order to make more informed dietary choices. Animal Charity Evaluators rates ProVeg as one of the four most effective organisations working against animal suffering in Europe.

Why ProVeg? Many of the world’s most urgent problems share a common cause: our food choices. ProVeg is dedicated to raising awareness of how we can tackle these problems through diet. Our food choices can become a multiproblem solution.

We offer jobs, internships and volunteer services in different areas and countries.

Latest Listings

Bundesfreiwilligendienst/Praktikum in der Organisationsverwaltung (Volunteer Opportunity)

Video und Image Editor (Job)

Office-Manager mit Buchhaltungsschwerpunkt (Job)

KPI and Impact Specialist (Job)

Assistenz im Fundraising gesucht (auch in Teilzeit möglich) (Job)

Merchandise und Communication Manager (Job)

Assistenz im Bereich Controlling (Job)

Internship / BFD programme on Internationalisation (East Asia / Greater China Region) (Internship)

Bundesfreiwilligendienst im Online-Fundraising (auch als Praktikum möglich) (Volunteer Opportunity)

Bundesfreiwilligendienst im Freiwilligenmanagement (Volunteer Opportunity)