The Community Partnership

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About Us

Created in 1997, The Community Partnership has grown to become a very successful non-profit 501(c)3 organization with a staff of over 30 and a volunteer workforce providing 15,000+ hours of service each year. The Community Partnership serves over 750 people each month, including...

-Parents seeking a child to adopt and love.

-Teens who are pregnant and parenting.

-Childcare providers seeking licensing and accreditation - and who strive to provide quality care.

-Foster Youth seeking to improve life skills.

-Families of children with disabilities who need additional resources and personalized home visits.

-Individuals who need clothes or household items and furnishings at reduced costs.

-Foster parents and case workers looking for support and resources.

-Someone who wants to make a difference through caring and volunteering time, talent, in-kind or monetary donations and gifts...and much more!

For more information on our programs, contact us anytime:

Amy Beechner-McCarthy Executive Director

Kathy Reeves Finance Director

Jenna Davis Development Director (Fundraising, Media & Volunteers)

Robyn Wolfe Community & Youth Development Director

Jean Darnell Capable Kids & Families Director

Kathy Edwards Early Care & Education Director

Maria Grant The Resale Shop Manager